Sweet Canela
Canela means "cinnamon" and this young girl is as sweet as a cinnamon bun. Though she was malnourished and had wounds from defending herself on the streets, she hasn't lost her gentle disposition. She's so grateful to be getting fed generously and regularly, having a safe place with plenty of shade and a comfy bed. You can see her gratitude in her eyes. She'll be getting spayed soon and finishing her shots. 



04/14/2016 6:26am

Thank you for your sharing. You shared interesting things about Sweet canela.

08/31/2017 9:48am

That's one queue name for a dog. She has a sweet eyes, like her name, I can see how happy she is in your family. The date you posted your blog is my birth date, and I am very into dogs. It's very satisfying to see this kind of post because, it makes me love my dog more. My dog's name is Keyn, he is someone who I always bring with me whenever I go out, he's like my boyfriend and best friend to me. I am thankful that you take care of your dog as a family, I know she's in good hands, I am excited to see more of her pictures here!

05/14/2017 11:47pm

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06/02/2017 3:42am

Aww. Just love this sweet dog of yours. She is such a happy and naughty dog. Just look at her pic. She look so cute. Thanks for sharing such stuff.

07/10/2017 12:39am

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08/28/2017 1:28am

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