When we got the call about a starving dog in the Ranchitos, we weren't prepared for just how skeletal this beagle hound was — he probably wouldn't have survived much longer. In foster care, he got a bath to remove dozens of ticks, started on meds to help him recover from the effects of those ticks, and best of all, plenty of supplemented nourishment. Even in his emaciated condition we could tell he was a handsome dog, with gorgeous amber eyes and gold and white coat. 

A month later, he's getting sleek and energetic, all set for the next phase in his life: a loving new home. Talk about a transformation! Here's (drumroll) the New Improved Jack!


05/26/2016 3:52am

Thank you for your sharing. A nutritious is essential to keeping your dog healthy.

07/27/2017 10:48pm

The transformation photos of this dog are absolutely inspiring! I can't believe that he used to be so thin. It pains me to see how you can already see his ribs because of how thin he is. I can't imagine why anyone would leave their dog to starve and death. People like that should never be allowed to have pets because they're only making the animals suffer. These dogs need our love and care. They don't deserve to be left alone by themselves. They deserve to be with a family who's going to feed them, make them drink water, play with them, and make sure that they have a place to stay on.

04/13/2017 11:28pm

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06/05/2017 8:31pm

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06/06/2017 5:12am

The name of this dog is jack and he looks very weak. It is strange and may be he has any disease and he need to food for health. Through weakness dog are lazy.

07/10/2017 12:38am

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08/18/2017 12:57am

The color of his eyes is adorable.

08/18/2017 1:06am

Giving a fresh start to him would be a nice thing.


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