Pepin, the desert survivor

We'll never know his whole story, but somehow Pepin, a year-old male poodle the size of a cat ended up wandering alone in the desert for weeks. A friend of San Carlos Pet Adoption rescued him and took him home, where he was treated for several skin infections caused by more than 150 ticks. 

When people talk about going to a breeder to buy a dog, I think of Pepin and so many like him (often purebreds) who desperately need a home. Adopt, don't buy your dog...please!



06/01/2016 10:37am

Thank you for your sharing. Pepin is a cute dog. I like to adopt him.


I am truly sorry for what happened to Pepin. It is so pitiful to see that they leave their dog on a hot dessert. But, I am so glad to see Pepin alive and kicking. It is difficult to survive in a hot desert without water. Luckily, they are still some people who are concerned to help Pepin. Faith in humanity completely restored.

05/30/2017 6:09am

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07/10/2017 12:37am

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07/22/2017 3:39am

Nice pet, doggie, I like dogs I have 2.

08/18/2017 12:54am

Such a cute pup it is.


It feels good to have that dog.


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