For about three days we were in the very unusual situation of having only one candidate for adoption...all the rest had all gone to new homes! It was the first time in more than a year that our dog population had all been adopted. We took a deep breath, and then the next wave hit. Tiny bottle baby pups (photo), young puppies and adult dogs, every kind of breed from chihuahua to beagle and of course our beloved Sonoran Shorthairs (someday that will be a famous hybrid-breed, and they'll star in dog shows because they are very special canines).

Go to our Adoptables page to see them all. 

And in the midst of all this fostering, we're planning a Hawaiian Barbecue fundraiser to be held Friday, April 11, with live island music by Sam Rainwater and Susan King. We'll serve generous portions of Teriyaki Ribs and Chicken prepared  by world-class barbecue chef Larry St. Onje, with shish-kebab, Larry's famous coleslaw and Hawaiian coconut cake. We'll hold raffles for special goody baskets — we've have baskets for dog-lovers, cat-lovers, gardeners, wine-lovers, coffee-lovers and there'll be a 50/50 Raffle too! Tickets, $250 pesos, will go on sale by the third week of March. 


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