We're getting more calls about homeless pups almost every day! Yesterday we heard about 11 total! Meanwhile, here's one of the new fosters, Oso Polar (Polar Bear, or Oso for short). See his story on our Adopt Me page.



09/08/2014 8:02am


07/01/2017 5:40am

Oso Polar just makes want to adopt him so bad. He's definitely my kind of puppy and I believe that we would develop such kind of strong bond together. Sadly, he's already adopted. I just hope that his owner would take care of him responsibly and will give him the best love that he deserves to have. I'm just going to keep updated through this blog if ever you're in need of new owners again soon.


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08/02/2016 1:25am

What about this cutie now? Is he adopted?

11/10/2016 9:36pm

I'd like to adopt all dogs who are alone and on the streets! But I have not such opportunity(

06/13/2017 12:17am

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