A crowd started gathering an hour before opening time at our Jan. 28 tianguis (swap meet or yard sale), and when the gates opened a tsnami of eager customers came roaring in to snap up all the bargains we'd gathered and priced at Karleen's house. We'd planned on hours of 8am to 1pm, but almost everything was sold within the first two hours. Sloopy, our foster puppy, also got lots of attention.

Thanks so much to Tammy for donating several pieces of furniture, and to Suzanne and Janet for lugging it over in a flatbed truck. Thanks to Karleen for volunteering her front yard and three days of work getting ready for the sale. Proceeds will help offset the additional cost of the new Mexican sales tax on dog food (17%!) and help pay for medical care and spay/neuters.

Our next fundraiser is scheduled for April 12: a Hawaiian-style barbecue with live Trop-Rock music by Sam Rainwater. Location and details to follow soon!


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