PictureCandye and Candy
This is has been a very eventful year, and we've learned so much, and accomplished so much! We seem to be taking in at least two animals a week (not bad for such a small organization!), either puppies from a motherless litter or individual pups, dogs or, occasionally, kittens. We've been very fortunate to add three new foster homes to our network: Suzee and Earl have taken little Sparky, and Cathy made space with her other two dogs for Candy (shown here with her rescuer, also named Candye). Allie took in a couple of pups, which were soon adopted. We feel so grateful to have this additional support. New for 2014: we're going to publish a set of guidelines for fosters on this website, who take on quite a handful when they open their doors to a dog or cat on a temporary basis. And best news of all: we're close to acquiring a 501c-3 status, which will allow donors to deduct their gifts from their taxes! 



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So cute puppy , i have my own pet dog and am always running after it , bring food for him , vaccinate him and also go to pet's parlor for him .I think its a big responsibility to look after him .


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