Francisca is a new candidate for our Carlos Medical Fund. She was found on San Francisco Beach with bite wounds on her neck and shoulders and one leg, probably from a javelina. Hair loss on her chest and legs is probably due to malnutrition — we have no way of knowing how long she was out there with no food or water. She's being temporarily housed by her rescuer and we plan to get her into foster care as soon as possible. She's about a year old.



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07/08/2017 10:56pm

Seeing how this dog was treated so wrong just makes me realize that we're more likely to act like an animal than them. This proves how much cruelty a dog or any animal can get from us. I hope everything's alright now. I wish she could find the right family to take care of her. Please continue saving dogs and helping them to live the life they truly deserve.

03/22/2017 1:14am

Have you found a good family for her? Does she happy now?

04/17/2017 1:30am

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09/14/2017 2:36pm

I hope this awesome dog have found her family. She is so nice!


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