Meet Elvis, an adorable little caramel-colored terrier mix with a mysterious neurological problem that makes it difficult for him to hold his head steady and weakens one side of his body. You'd never notice it when he's running around the yard, but only when he's standing still. Elvis may recover from his condition, or he may be a little wobbly all his life. He may have to take medications, and will certainly need to be in foster care while he's under observation. Hopefully he can be neutered soon. He's already crate-trained and very sociable. 



11/22/2013 3:59pm

Elvis has been adopted!

02/03/2017 4:08am

Cute little dog, sorry to read about his health problems, which are very serious and hope he will, get well soon. I have also a pet dog and am always conscious about his health.We should take care of our pets and give proper medication if they require.

08/26/2017 4:52am

What a great blog. Its inspirational and mouthwatering all at the same time.


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