Found on a construction site with her siblings when they were only five weeks old. Julie's brothers have all been adopted, but we're fostering her for now, hoping to find just the right home for this little darling. She has amazing green eyes and a velvety caramel golden coat, and she's sweet-tempered and easy to please. Loves to play with bigger dogs and doesn't mind taking a tumble now and then. 



05/31/2016 9:43am

Thank you for your sharing. Cute julie. She is a calm, good dog.

06/20/2017 9:35am

The name is Julie and many girls also has this name. This dog is very nice and he loves his house. I know some parents which keep in home and loves them like his kids.

09/02/2017 12:47am

Julie is so cute! It makes me feel that I wanted to adopt her be part of my family. It makes me sad that there are people who will just leave their dogs unattended and just let them experience the harsh situations from outside world. Dogs do not deserve to be treated like that! That is why I've been adopting dogs and loving them as if they came from me. Dogs are nice to be with, they deserve all the love from us!

09/19/2017 1:05am

Very good post. julie is looking so cute::))


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