For a couple of weeks, it seemed every puppy we took in was black! This was some cause for concern, since we've been told a black dog is harder to find a home for. But Maya, who arrived first, has already gone off to California and we're hoping to transport Mikey and Mercy north next week. Above, left to right: Maya, Mikey and Mercy.
Now we seem to be having a gold rush; the most recent arrivals have been golden or cream with gold. Goldie and Blanca are both very socialized already. Goldie walks with a leash and sits on command. Blanca, still in her five-day quarantine, is very grateful when humans come around to spend time with her.

We are going to have to close the Center to new dogs temporarily, while we find a place to move, after the owner of the property where we opened the Center in February reneged on our original agreements. We're looking at alternatives now and will probably be making our move on or before August 1. Ultimately we hope to have our own property, but that could take a while.


04/06/2016 5:06am

I'll go a step further and recommend that dog guardians avoid or very carefully secure any product that contains any amount of xylitol, no matter how small.

07/01/2017 9:51pm

I don't see any problem if almost all dogs you are getting were all black. I find them really cute to be honest. Actually, it's not about their colors. What makes them worth caring for is their affection to their future owners. I know you will be able to take care of them properly. By the way, thank you for this very cool update!

05/18/2017 5:19am

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Dogs are famous as pet and it has many variety and some one are good for keep in home. But some are not good and i also have a puppy. Puppy is good keep i home because we an teach them the rules of house.


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