PictureCandye and Candy
This is has been a very eventful year, and we've learned so much, and accomplished so much! We seem to be taking in at least two animals a week (not bad for such a small organization!), either puppies from a motherless litter or individual pups, dogs or, occasionally, kittens. We've been very fortunate to add three new foster homes to our network: Suzee and Earl have taken little Sparky, and Cathy made space with her other two dogs for Candy (shown here with her rescuer, also named Candye). Allie took in a couple of pups, which were soon adopted. We feel so grateful to have this additional support. New for 2014: we're going to publish a set of guidelines for fosters on this website, who take on quite a handful when they open their doors to a dog or cat on a temporary basis. And best news of all: we're close to acquiring a 501c-3 status, which will allow donors to deduct their gifts from their taxes! 

Francisca is a new candidate for our Carlos Medical Fund. She was found on San Francisco Beach with bite wounds on her neck and shoulders and one leg, probably from a javelina. Hair loss on her chest and legs is probably due to malnutrition — we have no way of knowing how long she was out there with no food or water. She's being temporarily housed by her rescuer and we plan to get her into foster care as soon as possible. She's about a year old.