Found on a construction site with her siblings when they were only five weeks old. Julie's brothers have all been adopted, but we're fostering her for now, hoping to find just the right home for this little darling. She has amazing green eyes and a velvety caramel golden coat, and she's sweet-tempered and easy to please. Loves to play with bigger dogs and doesn't mind taking a tumble now and then. 

Charlie (alias Carlos) looks like a different dog. He loooooves those back scratches.
When Carlos was found under a car, starving and lame with most of his hair gone, we weren't sure he would even make it. But with a special diet over the last few weeks, medicated shampoos and supplements, he has bounced back! He loves to greet visitors, and doesn't jump up on them, just knocks them over with his big smile. By the way, we changed his name to Charlie.  We had published an appeal to our friends to help with his medical care, and were thrilled when over $900 arrived in our PayPal account, plus more from locals. Strudel the poodle, needs medical help too, so this is great news! 
A popular Día de Los Muertes icon is the Katrina, a skeleton dressed up in costume. There are Katrina dogs, too, and that's what Flaco (Spanish for skinny) looked like when he dragged himself to the door of Adrian, a musician who was just about to fly to Peru on vacation. ¡Caramba! What to do? Adrian was referred to us, and we took Flaco in. A rich, supplemented diet, worming and loving care has transformed him into this handsome fellow. Looks like we'll have to rename him, too, he's not so flaco anymore.
A vacationing family from Mexico City found a miniature poodle lost in the dunes near Condos Delfines last month. She was taken into foster care by one of our volunteers and she was named Strudel. Normally she'd be adopted in a heartbeat: a popular breed, housebroken, very pretty, affectionate, friendly with other dogs and cats. But she had an eye infection, a large wound on her back that had developed necrosis, and a case of tick fever. She had three hours of emergency surgery to remove the infection, and is now recuperating but it will take a few weeks of carefully monitored meds and vet visits before she'll be ready for a new home.

Strudel's surgery and follow-up care is being covered by the Carlos Fund. In July, ago Carlos was found under a car, so emaciated and weak we weren't sure he'd make it. San Carlos Pet Adoption sent out an email letter to supporters, and posted his story online, asking for contributions to help with his extensive medical care and supplemental feedings, and the response was very gratifying; over $900US came in to give him a second chance. His hair is growing back, he's alert and smiling, and his special diet is getting him into great shape. With his vet bills covered,  there's enough left over to pay for Strudel's surgery and meds. We plan to sustain the Carlos Fund as a way of providing for rescued dogs with exceptional medical needs.