There are a lot of emaciated dogs here this summer. At schools the kids, teachers and janitors provide food when school's in session, and they're closed until August. Snowbirds leave out kibble for street dogs, then go back up north hoping someone else will take up the slack. (In fact, we do if we happen to know about them)

Here's Beta, one of a pair of little sisters recently taken from a schoolyard in hopes of saving them. 

We seem to be finding a series of emaciated dogs lately. First there was Little John, then Flaco and now Carlos. We lured Carlos out from under a parked car where he was slowly starving to death, and suffering from an embedded claw in one foot and a serious case of mange.

We rushed him to Dr. S, not even sure if we could save him, but we were assured he can recover, given plenty of nourishment and a safe place to recuperate. He's brindled, possibly part boxer, about half the weight he should be, at 35 lbs. We hope in a few weeks to show his After picture when he's looking good.

Last week I went to the American School in Guaymas and talked to three classrooms about San Carlos Pet Adoption, Mundo Patitas and Salvando Sus Huellas, and urged them to visit their Facebook pages. (These were teen to early 20s English students, and they ALL use Facebook.)  It's my hope that since all these students were Guaymenses, they would take advantage of their own city's resources, and then we can concentrate on serving the need in San Carlos. 

I was forbidden to speak any Spanish, so it was a piece of cake!

For Show & Tell I brought the flyer we're circulating about Sandy, the elderly lost chihuahua we were trying to get back to her home (the flyer worked!) and emphasized the fact that her predicament was made much more difficult by the lack of an ID tag. 

One girl asked me to come to her house and train her dog (!?) and I explained that the training has to start with HER.

I gave a plug to Placas de Identificación and urged them to order tags for their dogs. I was surprised how many of them have dogs, and impressed that they seem a little more enlightened than most folks about how they should treat their pets.  

They want me to come again, and next time teach them an American song!  Hmmmm..."You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog?" ..."Just Walkin' the Dog?"..."How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?"…"Dog and Butterfly?"…