(Left to right) Michaela, Nala and Gus. Oh, and that's Tammie, the new mom
Our beautiful boxer pup Michaela, who came to us from a family of inappropriately young children, and has been with us since shortly after we opened in February, has finally gone home with her new family. There are two other dogs in the home, so we arranged a "meet & greet" at the beach before she moved in. 

We walked all three dogs past each other several times, watching for signs of aggression (just a few growls from Michaela) and then we all plopped down in a circle in the sand, passed around treats and liberal pats and belly rubs, plus a little on-leash walking with each of her new buddies. After an hour of socializing, the new family walked her home. (All that leash training really paid off!) 

Next day we stopped in at her house to drop off some meds and view her surroundings and were very pleased. If we could find a home for each of our adorable adoptables like the one that has welcomed Michaela, we'd be over the moon!
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