New foster pups! Napoleon and Josephine were brought to a Pet Adoption supporter in a burlap bag. She has a full house, so they went into foster care. Four weeks old, a boy and girl, soon to start their shots and already treated for parasites. Paper-trained and crate-trained!  So tiny, they're wearing sweaters made out of a pair of women's socks. So irresistible, this foster mom is up at 2 am cuddling them. Their names are Napoleon (cream-colored) and Josephine (brown), but we'll have to come up with a nickname for Napoleon. Hers will be Josie.

After two weeks of organizing, buying, planning, a last-minute venue change that saved us from having our luau in a gale (!) the gang celebrated Thursday night with mai tais at the San Carlos Yacht Club. It was a fun event, well-received by more than 120 guests. (L to R, Karleen, Wade, Janet, Bliss and Jonni)

Another reason to celebrate: we found homes for four foster dogs last week! All are happily settling in with new families, three of them right here in San Carlos!

...and the hardest part, aside from cleaning up the messes, worrying over mystery illnesses and integrating the newcomer(s) into the family pack is that after you've done all that, you give them up!

This is eight-month-old Posh (already named by her adoptive family who are still in Arizona but hopefully will soon be coming to take her home. At less than seven pounds, she's very small and I suspect won't get much bigger; we're speculating that she might be part toy Schnauzer. She was found in a ditch near Hermosillo, eating garbage. Her rescuers spent hours on tick removal (60 ticks and counting!) before she was free of vermin. After a couple of days in our house she was housebroken (knock on wood) and she walks with a leash and sits for treats already so I suspect she had some training at some point. She was mouthy but I grasped her muzzle firmly and said "NO!" every time she tried to chomp down on my hands, and I think she's just about past that bad habit. I wonder if children teased her and encouraged her biting, and then perhaps she bit too hard and they got rid of her... We'll never know.

It would be so easy to keep her! But there are two litters of puppies I know of, all of which need fostering too. And I have great confidence that the people who want her will give her a great home.
Bliss, SCPAC foster mom