A crowd started gathering an hour before opening time at our Jan. 28 tianguis (swap meet or yard sale), and when the gates opened a tsnami of eager customers came roaring in to snap up all the bargains we'd gathered and priced at Karleen's house. We'd planned on hours of 8am to 1pm, but almost everything was sold within the first two hours. Sloopy, our foster puppy, also got lots of attention.

Thanks so much to Tammy for donating several pieces of furniture, and to Suzanne and Janet for lugging it over in a flatbed truck. Thanks to Karleen for volunteering her front yard and three days of work getting ready for the sale. Proceeds will help offset the additional cost of the new Mexican sales tax on dog food (17%!) and help pay for medical care and spay/neuters.

Our next fundraiser is scheduled for April 12: a Hawaiian-style barbecue with live Trop-Rock music by Sam Rainwater. Location and details to follow soon!
The board of directors of San Carlos Pet Adoption have voted to downsize and simplify the organization.  We will continue to rescue the homeless dogs and puppies from the streets and beaches of San Carlos and La Manga.  We will care for these animals through a foster home based program, as we have been doing for most of the past year.  The number of available foster homes will dictate the number of rescues we can care for.

We believe foster care helps our charges become more adoptable. By working with them individually in a home setting they can be introduced to manners, rules, exercise and love provided and reinforced by the foster family. They can be better socialized, get started on crate- and house-training and even learn basic skills like walking on a leash, sit, down, etc.  A better trained dog is a more adoptable dog.

After searching the surrounding area for many months we have determined that finding a property that meets our needs for a facility and doesn’t upset any surrounding neighbors was not feasible at this time.  So, the organization never purchased any property and never collected any of the money that was pledged towards that purchase. Those funds remain in the pockets of the people who pledged. 

In the past year, since the current board members took over, we have brought more than 60 dogs and puppies into our care.  Nearly half of these have been adopted by wonderful people here in San Carlos and Guaymas. The others have gone up to our partner rescue groups in Arizona and all have found great homes. Large amounts of time, energy and money have gone into caring for all these dogs. 

We greatly appreciate all of you in the community that have supported our efforts. Your auction item donations, sponsorships, contributions and attendance at our events have made it possible for us to save these 60+ dogs and will allow us to continue our work going forward. We could not do what we do without you.  We hope you will continue to support us in the future.

I personally would like to thank the board of directors for their time, energy and dedication to our cause.  It has been a busy and successful year.

If anyone has questions, I can be reached via email, at scpapres@gmail.com.

Janet L Vaupel, President
San Carlos Pet Adoption